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Electrical information & supplies for late model 928s

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Tire Upgrades
Blinder M25
H4 headlights
Electric HL Adjusters
HID Fogs
Intermittent Wipers
Rear Wiper Update
Rear Washers
Smartire TPMS
LED Brake Light
Fire Extinguishers
Halon Dist. System
Battery Cutoff Switch
Window VIN Marking
Emergency Road Kit
Stongard Film
Rear Power Outlet
Trickle Charger
Battery Box Fusing
CE Panel Pockets
Keyless Entry
Cup Holder
Auto Dim Mirrror
Window Express Up
Garage Door Opener
New Interior Lights
Audio Power
Sat Nav System
iPod Interface
Bluetooth Phone
Speaker System
Seat Back Amps
Door Sub-Woofer
Lighted 'GTS' Logos
New Intake Tubes
New Hood Foam
AZ "928" Plate
Window Blackout
Vinyl Decals
Rear Fender Liners
LED Signal Mirrors
Improved Int. Lights
Express Windows
New Exhaust
Alarm Expansion
DRL System
New Suspension
TPMS Display Int.
Fire Detection
Power Distribution

My Porsche 928 Projects:

I have owned my Porsche 928 GTS since April 2000 and have driven it more or less daily since then.

Although I consider it in most respects an absolutely great car - I have added many subtle features/ improvements to the car in the following key areas: driving controls, safety equipment, maintenance features, convenience items, entertainment systems and a few purely cosmetic updates. All these listed projects are completed and are mostly either minor changes in keeping with the car and its evolution or in some cases represent retrofitting the original European features of the car. I also have list of an 'in progress' additional ideas I'm currently working on...

My general approach is to limit visible changes and to use equipment in keeping with the car (often Porsche-OEM original) or improved materials where warranted (Porsche did make some mistakes...). If I change something substantially I will implement the changes on an alternate module keeping the original so I can revert back. I also try to avoid deleting or permanently modifying wiring - preferring to leave the original wiring & connectors in place and adding new removable wiring for any new features.

I mostly choose to add features which I consider Porsche would have added (in some form) themselves if the car were further developed beyond about 1992 when the last of the GTS developments ended.


Tire Size/Brand Upgrade - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's 235/45YR17 & 275/45YR17

Valentine1 Radar Detector System - With custom integration of remote display & audio

Euro/ROW H4 Headlight - Lens Upgrade, (with 5800K color temp 90W/100W bulb upgrade)

Electric Remote Headlight Aim Adjuster - Retro-fit of ROW Std equipment

6000K HID Fog Light System - and Fog light conversion to ROW configuration operation

ROW Fog/Aux Headlights - Conversion to ROW module & lenses

Digital Intermittent front wiper system - Simple upgrade using alternative VW Relay

Rear Wiper system improvements - Changed controls & intermittent & auto-wipe system  (VW Relay) 

Dual-Jet Rear Washer System  - With repurposed Porsche intensive washer tank/pump

Upgraded suspension with Bilstein Shocks


Smartire TPMS  - Wireless remote tire pressure & temperature monitoring system

Pulsing LED Center Brake Light - Fast response LED lighting and pulsing module

Handheld Fire Extinguishers - 1lb dry chemical on rear tool panel & 2.5lb Halon 1112 Fire Extinguisher (w/Brey-Krause quick release mount)

Engine Fire Suppression System - Halon direct engine bay emergency deployment system

Battery Cut-Off Switch  - Easy access (located behind rear tool panel)

VIN# Marking  - Number etched into all vehicle glass

Emergency Road Kit  - In briefcase in rear

Stongard Light Protection  - Protection film on Headlights & Fog/Driving lights

Front/Side Marker/Turn Signal Combo - Dual functionality side markers


Rear Power Outlet - Combined use as a battery charger port

Integrated Battery Trickle Charger/Maintainer - With front grille mounted 110V inlet socket

Battery Box Fusing - Improved fusing for cooling fans & ECU/ABS  (plus battery venting)

CE panel cover storage - With full paper schematics & full FWM on CD ROM

Upgraded Radiator - All aluminum radiator with welded-on side tanks


Keyless Entry System  - Including alarm, hatch opener, panic alarm & remote window close

Folding Cup Holder  - Passenger console side

Auto-Dim Rearview Mirror  - Donnelley brand with compass / ext temp display

Drivers Window Express-Up Feature - reconfiguration of stock controller to std. ROW config.

"One-Touch" Garage Door Opener  - Custom integrated into console.

Improved Interior Lights  Swapped fixtures for improved VW switched versions


Audio Power System - Power conditioning, decoupling/suppression & switching

Satellite Navigation System (Blaupunkt RNS149 single DIN CD based system)

CD Changer  (Blaupunkt 10 disk rear mounted)

Custom iPod interface (with console remote control and central armrest iPod storage))

Motorola BT Hands-Free Phone System (interfaces to audio system speakers or privacy headset)

a/d/s/ 10 speaker system (A6is, 335is, 234is) with custom upholstered finished trim rings.

Custom mounted (rear seatbacks) Dual 4 Ch a/d/s/ amplifiers (P440 & P425x)

Sub-Woofer (door mounted with quad channel feed)


Illuminated door sill 'GTS' logos (with EL strips)

Improved Intake Tubes (double neoprene wrapped fiberglass wired 300F material)

Nitrile foam (1/2") replacement Hood Liner with Porsche crests

Arizona "928" vanity license plate

Window blackout material installed between the sun visors and around the V1 remote display

928 Vinyl decals - added to the blackout portions of the front & rear screens

GTS Rear Fender Liners - modified rear fender liners for equivalent performance with better suited materials

Planned Projects:

LED Signal Mirrors  chevrons on side mirror glass (In Progress)

Upgraded Power Distribution System with Auxilliary battery

Enhanced Interior Lights - Soft fade in/out, LED bulbs & pod integrated over-ride switch: on-auto-off 

Windows /Sunroof express All-Close/All-Open system

Upgraded Exhaust System - I plan to install an Ott X-Pipe & freeer flowing cats

Additional soundproofing (Doors / B pillars / Floor, Rear)

Alarm Expansion Options (Ultrasonic Interior Sensors, Tilt/Knock, Glass Break, GPS Locator)

Manual/Automatic Daytime Running Lights (utilizing my HID Fog system) 

Blaupunkt 'Thummer' steering wheel mounted remote control

Integrate Smartire system to RDK display in dash

Engine Fire Detection System (temp ramp, absolute temp & smoke detection)


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