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Porsche 928 Electrics - When Available for Download:

This document covers the whole electrical system of the Porsche 928. It is intended for use in conjunction with legal copies of the Porsche 928 Factory Workshop Manuals including the wiring diagrams for your model year (these are not included).

See the full Introduction, Table of Contents, but if that's too much detail - Porsche 928 Electrics includes:

- Over 100 pages on the operation of every major 928 electrical system (inc. failure modes & debug)

- Over 115 pages covering 20 major 928 Electrical Projects with overviews & 20 more mini-projects

- Over 35 pages on Basic and Advanced electrical theory schematic components & Debug techniques

- Over 20 pages of 928 Specific Reference Documents (never before published).

- Over 22 pages of Index, Acronym, Table Of Contents, Figure & Table references

- Over 40 pages of useful project implementation techniques - including 928 specific techniques

- A concise 2 page key information reference card to print & keep in your 928

- Over 240 New Diagrams/Photographs, Over 60 New Data Tables

- Over 30 pages of Wiring Diagram Primer information

The introductory section of this document the Wiring Diagram Primer is available now as a free download for the benefit of all 928 owners. This is also a good example of the content & quality of the full document and is a useful independent document to help understand the Porsche wiring diagrams.

The complete 'Porsche 928 Electrics' document is available for licensed downloads with lifetime free updates (as available) and lifetime re-downloads for all original purchasers at a charge of $55 (US currency) payments by PayPal only

Why $55? Some will consider this expensive yet I consider it a bargain... how come?

Some will say they can get 3 CD's worth of Porsche 928 material from other sources for less money...?

True - but such information is a collection of previously published materials (and incidentally now also includes my free Wiring Diagram Primer document too). I think those materials are very good and very useful and I reference some of them for additional information - you should certainly consider buying them - but 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is quite different in concept and execution... how? here are 10 ways:

  1. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is all new original material, developed over the last 3 years, reviewed by other 928 owners and incorporates updates addressing their feedback & requests for additional information. You simply cannot find this information anywhere else - not even from Porsche.

  2. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' content is based on real life owner experiences from Rennlist.com. Concepts that have confused owners, known equipment failure modes and commonly requested projects are all covered.

  3. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is huge - it contains over 400 pages of technical information - the vast majority of which has never been published before. To get an idea of the scope & content you peruse the Table Of Contents of the full document or see the Wiring Diagram Primer.

  4. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is complementary to everything else you may already have! It will help you understand all the other technical Porsche 928 electrical materials you own (Wiring Diagrams, Factory Workshop Manuals & other Porsche technical manuals) which were developed for use by Porsche factory trained technicians, (not for owners - yes that's why they are so hard to understand).

  5. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is comprehensive but it assumes no prior electrical knowledge and eases you into electrical matters step by step, more complex theory is presented gradually but you won't need it to get started with the basics...

  6. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is expressly developed for electronic distribution, it's an original Adobe Acrobat electronic document (not a scan), it has a fully hyperlinked table of contents,  index and listings for figures, tables and footnotes with consistent cross-reference hyper-linking and 'browser like' document navigation.

  7. Porsche 928 Electrics' is easy to use - the document is structured logically to read through in sequence OR to find specific information. The whole document is text searchable.

  8. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' uses color to improve text/diagram readability with new high quality color annotated diagrams, photos, tables & wiring diagram example scans throughout (unlike the purely monochrome Porsche docs).

  9. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is printable - if you prefer to handle a hard copy you can print the whole document on letter size paper for use in a ring binder (I use a copy like this for annotations). Alternatively you can print individual pages or individual diagrams/tables at whatever scale you like.

  10. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' includes useful reference appendices; Examples: relay part number charts, bulb references, fuse supplies, etc... Porsche never made these available. It also includes a printable single page double sided quick reference card with all the most useful information in one place.

Consider - how much can having the right information save you? how many electrical parts on a 928 are priced less than $55? Regardless if you damage a part or end up purchasing and installing a part you didn't really need... the charges rack up pretty quickly. Alternatively what is the value of knowing how to repair your car or enhance its safety/convenience features - how much would you have to pay a supposed 'professional' to do this... and can you trust them to really understand a 928 and to do it right...?

But wait there's more... (as a Ronco commercial would say...)

By paying to purchase a license to these materials you are encouraging me to continue this development...

  1. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' is a 'Live' document - when you buy you are getting not only the document to date but continuous free on-line updates as additional materials, features & projects are added and any corrections are made. It also comes with support - if you have issues with the contents you can email me or ask for help on Rennlist; whether your objective is correcting or improving the document or finishing off your project or repair.

  2. Porsche 928 Electrics' includes over 60 real-life electrical project example ideas you can implement on your 928 - everything from simple plug and play to complex multi-day developments.

  3. 'Porsche 928 Electrics' also includes specific implementation details on over 25 of these projects. Over time I hope to add more project ideas and also more specific implementation details.

I have already spent well over 1000 hours in developing the materials to this point - as well as much more time implementing many of the projects in the appendix, many of which I developed and implemented for the first time on  928. All this work is time consuming and requires a high level of technical expertise in electrical & electronic engineering, technical 'detective' work, electronic publishing/web-design/maintenance, technical writing and fabrication/implementation techniques for these projects. It simply isn't practical for anyone to spend this much time and effort without  compensation.

Comparing this to my day job - its not a really financially worthwhile redirection of my time... Even at $55 each I have no expectations I will sell anything close to enough to make this pay as well as my day job would for the considerable number of hours invested.

So despite charging for these materials this will still only be a money losing hobby for me... just not quite as bad as it might otherwise be!

I've also worked with a few others to bring their material to you on project implementation and on major systems operation where their work, knowledge or implementations extend beyond my own - my thanks to them - see the attributions in the document. I'd like to encourage others to continue to contribute materials, ideas and projects to this endeavor*.

License Terms:

Download only - no hard copies are available for purchase at this time, the usage license is assigned individually and is non-transferable. You may make as many printouts  as you like for personal use and may also make unlimited file copies of the .pdf document for personal use but not for distribution. No commercial use is allowed without prior written consent of all the copyright holders. You may not distribute, (including posting or emailing) any portions of the document, not even if you transcribe them yourself.

The stand alone version of the Wiring Diagram Primer section may be freely distributed to others providing it remains unchanged, maintains the copyright ownership notices and references to the full document and is not combined directly with/within other documents see the Wiring Diagram Primer Page

PayPal Payment & Download Instructions

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*If you'd like to help by contributing a project article to the document I can supply you appropriate format templates. This provides great visibility within the 928 community and is a way to ensure others can continue to benefit from your experiences.

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