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Smartire Tire Pressure Monitor System:

Since Porsche's RDK Pressure monitoring system is somewhat challenged - especially with aftermarket tires that need alternative pressures - I decided I wanted to have a functional and programmable system. On my last full tire-change I added the in-wheel sensors for a Smartire monitoring system. Subsequently I added the monitor electronics and remote display - with the display mounted inside the armrest cassette box. The tire pressure/temp sensors are wireless transmitters to the pick-up electronics simplifying the system installation considerably.

Sensor attachment to the wheels

I can now monitor the tire pressure & temperature of each tire individually and set an alert and alarm point individually for each tire. This is perfect and allows customization as needed.

The system provides audio & visual alerts as well as the detailed display.

The full kit of parts

Location of the display unit - inside the armrest / cassette holder

Note this is also the location for the Custom iPod Interface connection cable



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