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Auto-Dim Rearview Mirror:

I'v installed Donnelly Auto-dim mirror with compass, temperature sensor and dual map lights in place of the original stock mirror. I originally installed a similar Donnelly mirror without map lights but after 6 year use the liquid crystal failed - dissapointing!

However I liked the mirror so much I replaced it with a similar model. The replacement has all the features of the previous model and dual no glare map lights in the bottom edge. These can be connected to come on with the car interior lights (by rewiring the connector for stock), as well as being individually controllable at any time. I really like this feature - the 928 always needed slightly better & more directional front cabin lighting and this mirror solves that issue well.

with a standard dual pivot mounting this mirror provides more adjustment options and also provides enough room to mount the Valentine 1 Radar Detector mostly behind the mirror on the passenger side. See the Valentine 1 Project for more details.


Installed - the mirror fits perfectly and works perfectly too

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