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Battery Box Upgrades: (Fuses Etc)

After several reports of owners even with newer car experiencing overheating & damage issues with the cooling fan fuses I decided to improve these on my car before I encountered any issues.

Porsche placed 30A fuses on the CE panel for the main cooling fans but with supplies directly fed from the battery. There are 2 issues with this - the CE panel fuse-holders are barely capable of handling 30A and deteriorate over time causing in some cases melting of the CE fuse-holders, fuses and even the CE panel itself. Meanwhile running un-fused individual supplies directly from the battery is very bad practice (really a cardinal sin in electrical design). I decided to fix these issues and some other similar issues with direct battery supply fusing (ECU's & ABS)  by locating a new secondary fuse panel in the battery box.

At the same time I vented the battery exhaust ports, added a single battery clamp feeder to a power distribution block and mounted a separate ATX Maxi 40A fuseholder for my Audio system (large decoupling capacitor, 2x amplifiers & head unit etc) fusing.

How it all looks together: Dist block at top, ATX audio fuse & 8 way ATC fuses, note battery vent tubes 

In addition to the 2 cooling fan fuses I added fuses for the 2 ECU's, ABS System, and several audio power feeders as well as for my rear power outlet/battery charger port.


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