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Door Mounted Sub-Woofer:

Although the a/d/s/ 6.5" drivers are good speakers they cut off at low bass.

Installing a sub-woofer is challenging on a 928 due to limited available space, common solutions seem to be bozooka type stand alone bass tubes with integrated amplifiers, large sub-woofers in the spare tire well - either replacing the spare - or consuming all the interior space inside it or modifications to the rear tool panel or the whole of the hatch floor.

Since I use my car regularly I did not want to compromise available luggage space or a functional spare and its interior storage space for tools and the tire compressor.

The other option I had seen was the passenger door panel... This is a challenging location die to sizing both for the speaker's diameter and its mounting depth.

To address this challenge I located a small 5.25" sub-woofer with an over 10mm voice coil movement and a shallow magnet/frame depth. I also located a large spacer ring to allow for both frontal speaker mounting (to gain panel depth) and adequate movement range for the extensive cone movement. The speaker grill is heavy duty metal construction to survive accidental foot contact and to avoid buzz in operation. It actually matches the look of the stock GTS grills quite well and blends in well to the panel

The spacer ring also allowed me to match the spacer to the door profile although this also required some minor modifications to the door frame and panel for fit.

I was able to keep the interior light in place and functional. The sub-woofer has a dedicated wiring feed back to the amplifier.


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