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Electric Headlight Adjusters (Std. ROW ):

Once you have installed European H4 headlamps its possible to retrofit the remote headlight aiming system that was standard on all non-USA cars. On the later models this was an all electric system.

A lot of wiring must be added to the car and its a little awkward to do. Finding the components is also challenging - difficult used or very expensive new... either way you have to look outside the US.




Shown here is one of the adjuster motors mounted to the headlight yoke


It moves the ball unit in & out on the bottom center of the yoke - this tilts the whole headlight frame which on H4's is hinged at the yoke top attachment points









Below is the control knob that sets the headlight reference position - there are 5 'click' detent positions, but its actually continuously variable. This system works very well and with the H4 headlamps sharp cut-off and this system you can clearly see and adjust for the difference in headlight position between a full tank of gas and almost empty and especially with rear seat passengers

Adjuster knob & potentiometer module & installed in the stock ROW location






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