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Emergency Road Kit:

I have carried an emergency road kit in my car since the first year of ownership. I carry basics and extra electrical equipment since that is a common source of issues. I've never needed the kit myself but have used it to assist others. Its all conveniently wrapped up in a ballistic nylon briefcase:


Convenient storage in a ballistic nylon briefcase (w/ local PCA region badge)

The contents are tow strap, booster cables, road flares, jacking block, first aid kit, various tape, pens/paper, ice scraper, chamois, spare fuses/bulbs/relay/relay-jumpers, spare wire, zip ties, multi-meter screwdrivers pliers etc gloves & hand-wipes, small towel, big poly bag, local street map

Lots of stuff in there - everything I think I might need that is small...

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