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Engine Fire Suppression System:

Now that I have the halon extinguisher mounted within easy reach in the car I feel protected inside the car. I could tackle a small internal fire - even in the fuse/relay central electric panel...

But what if the engine was on fire...?

This has happened to some 928 and the problem is that you can't easily get to it.. popping the hood open is dangerous and will likely just fuel the fire... so what is the best approach?

Well I decided it would be great to have a means to jet halon directly across the top of the engine from a point in the passenger compartment. After some thought I came up with a location for 2 nozzles jetting forward from the bulkhead in front of the firewall along the cam covers next to the fuel rails on either side at the top of the engine. These are fed from stainless steel braided rubber hoses - mostly located in the protected bulkhead-fire-wall area and then routed back into the drivers-side foot-well via the drivers side fender - behind the splash shields.

Drivers-Side Nozzle                      Feeder Tube

Passenger side nozzle - with air filter box top in place

In the drivers foot well I've added a hidden receptacle with a pull-out quick connect fitting that snap-lock mates with the hose/nozzle attachment on the extinguisher. This has an O-ring pull loop to deploy it with about 15" of hose to pull out - this extra hose is looped up and held in place with a velcro attachment.

The added port cover under the dash lip

This system allows halon introduction into the top of the engine compartment at the point of highest risk (fuel rails) without opening the hood and without even exiting the drivers seat (important in case you are trapped).

I'm very happy with how this system design and installation worked out. I recommend this to anyone if you can fabricate the parts... Not too hard and cheap if you already have the extinguisher. On all but the earliest cars you will have to drill a new grommet hole from the Drivers foot-well (dead pedal area) to the fender and seal it up well afterwards. Worth it to me for peace of mind.


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