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European Style H4 Headlights:

Its a quite simple job to swap the USA DOT H5 headlamps for the far better focused European H4 headlights. Not cheap at about $250 each but the H5 residual value is over half that if in good condition.

The wiring connectors need to be swapped but otherwise they just bolt right in...













Top view of a new lens & rear view under the pods with new H4 connectors soldered in place

   H4 Bulb

Coupled with this upgrade I upgraded the bulbs also. This is as would be expected - quite easy. The 928 is designed for 45W/65W (USA) or 55W /60W (ROW) headlamp low/high beams respectively.  Aftermarket bulbs are available in various higher power configurations. I use 80W/100W with a 5800K color temp as replacements.

Both H4 & H5 bulbs are available in various higher power configurations – bear in mind that all these are technically not legal for street use (often labeled “off-road use only” by the suppliers). Using any of these you should be careful to be considerate (in your aiming) to others.


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