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Illuminated Door Sill "GTS" Logos:

Using Electro-luminescent strips you can create low power but high brightness colored illumination under your door sill “928” or GTS” transparent logos.

This is especially beneficial for dark colored vehicles where the logos tend not to show up very well due to lack of contrast with the body color. This project is mainly focused on “look” and might be considered a little pointless by some. It does actually add a little something for vehicles where the logo never showed up before. There is a risk that the inverter that supplies the panel may whine a little in operation or get hot. If so you can probably reduce this with a small series resistance in the inverter supply. Colored plastic panels would look similar in daylight – but illuminated does look quite spectacular at night.

Day time yellow look (mainly reflective)               Night time (color is actually the same yellow)





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