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Integrated Battery Maintainer:

I purchased a small low power battery maintainer (or trickle charger) for my car. I wanted to install this permanently so I would always have it available to charge the car but did not have room in the battery compartment. I considered various locations and finally decided I wanted it to be available to plug in at the front of the car, this seems non-intuitive since the battery is in the back - however there is more room available at the front and I drive my car into my garage nose first so this end is closest to my electrical sockets and most visible when I'm getting in the car. I decided therefore that this was the most logical place for the maintainer. I did not want it in the engine compartment due to the heat so installed in the passenger side fender beneath the headlight. This is very close to the battery jump post and a ground point via an existing grommet in the fender and allows for the 120V connection on the lower passenger side grille area. I used an IEC equipment connector for a secure but pull-out connection for safety with the socket mounted permanently to the car.

Install location in passenger front fender, note splash shield main splash shield sandwiches this


Jump post connections (& Fuse)                    110V power plugged In !


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