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Keyless Entry System:

One of my first projects was to add a keyless entry system. On a GTS this is quite easy to do - although possible on all years.


My system has two 4-button remotes with Lock/Arm, Unlock/Disarm, Rear Hatch Open/Suspend and a Panic Button.

Mine is configured to flash the turn signals when locking (2 flashes) & unlocking (1 flash) it is also set so it can honk the horn - but this is normally disabled via a programming option.

It interfaces directly to the alarm module to control the locks & alarm and via 2 extra relays for the hatch and alarm horn. I have it programmed to open the hatch on the second press of the unlock button and to close the windows and sunroof when the lock button is held for >2 seconds. I virtually never use the keys in the car door/hatch locks now (only when the battery is disconnected...) 

I'm not thrilled with the current install and one day will clean it up further - especially because I eventually want to squeeze more into that space...


Mounted under the passenger interior sill cover - where the factory amplifier goes, mine is long gone!


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