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My New Intake Tubes:

The stock GTS tubes are insulated for sound reduction (apparently) with a simple foam wrapping and a taped seam. Unfortunately the outer covering of the foam becomes brittle with heat and age and the foam shrivels and the tape peels off - very sad looking. I could not justify putting this poor quality material back on my car...

My sad old factory stock GTS type insulated tubes:










No way will I put material that ends up like looking like this back onto my car.... especially not for several hundred dollars for a set

Even when new they don't look that good... I was on the hunt for something that looked better new and seemed likely to stand the test of time better...






I found a good alternative tube - a wire coiled fiberglass tube sandwiched with an inner/outer layer of neoprene. These tubes are rated for vacuum and 300F - perfect. I re-used my old GTS hose ends for a more stock look and even put individual snap fit plastic ports in the wall for the timing belt cover vents.

The alternative new tubes:




The new clip in plastic ports for the timing belt covers, they snap fit nicely over the timing belt cover ports (a satisfying 'click').






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