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Integrated One-Touch Garage Door Opener:

I added an integrated remote garage door opener because I drive my car everyday and use the garage at least once per day. By powering the transmitter directly from the car and placing the transmitter at the front (grille area) I am able to get better opener range and don't need to worry about battery life. I also adapted the switchgear so I have 2 dedicated opener pushbuttons on the console. 1 button opens/closes my primary garage door & when I briefly press this button I get a single 4 second long transmission which allows me to turn into the driveway without having to hold the button. This is accomplished using a delayed off relay - actually the one used previously for the rear window wiper. This is an excellent ergonomic feature.

The other button is the opener button for my secondary garage door and operates normally (must be held active until the transmission is recognized).

Dismantling & re-encapsulating the garage door opener remote circuit board

The dashboard buttons are now integrated flush into the AC and Central Lock bar:

Control Buttons:
Green: Open/Close Door 1 (auto extended transmission) Red: Open Close Door 2

In fact I also use the LED illumination in these buttons for some other features:

With the ignition on and lights active - these illuminate at a low (variable) level as is typical of other console controls.

When activated in the garage opener mode (can be at any time) the buttons illuminate bright including during the whole extended transmission for the green button & just while pressed for the red button.

When the trickle charger is connected the Green light illuminates when the charger is plugged in to 110V and the Red light shows active charging (goes out when fully charged).

Whenever the Keyless Entry system is locked the red light flashes - at a low intensity level.


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