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Rear Power Outlet / Battery Charger Port:

This is really a simple little project. The 928 has no rear power outlet and sometimes this can be useful for plug in gear (say a powered cooler or a plug-in work light). However I also wanted this to work as a direct plug in battery charger port (only medium current - say ~6A). This way I could quickly plug in a battery charger without having to remove the carpet, cover and spare wheel to get to the battery terminals.

Now in plugging in more than a trickle charger/battery maintainer its a good idea to disconnect the battery too and I allow for that with another related project the Battery Cut-Off Switch which I recommend in combination with this one. One of the biggest challenges here was making the installation look good - the biggest element here is probably just choosing a good looking and functional power outlet. Well you be the judge on my choice - the "Marinco" outlet, with front reinforcing plate and plug in rubber cover. The connection is to the battery via a 10A fuse in the battery box and it is always connected to the battery regardless of the battery switch position.

Location of my covered rear power outlet in the upper rear quarters, hard to see unless you know to look


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