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Rear Washers:

Rear washers were never offered as a stock system on any 928, but several factory custom cars were delivered with single or dual washer jets.

I decided to add a rear washer system to my car since we get lots of dust in Arizona and not much rain to go with it - plus when it does rain here it buckets down and then even rear visibility is an issue... (OK so its a stretch to need it in Arizona).

I added 2 Porsche unheated washer nozzles from an early 928/914 (same) in black. This required removing the inner hatch trim and drilling 2 holes for the nozzles. I considered a rear tank/pump system and while that would be more convenient to install - there really isn't any room to place it (and have it look good) and anyway the factory systems are run from the front of the car. It seems most have a secondary pump off the main washer tank. I considered this but decided on retrofitting the intensive washer tank and pump in the S4 stock location since this was deleted on the GTS and there is nothing else in its place. I also added the switchgear normally used for the intensive washer (behind RHS pod stalks & next to the intermittent wiper rate control). The tubing routes inside the headliner - down the drivers side B pillar and beneath the handbrake cable & handbrake cover - forward and through a grommet into the drivers side fender and on into the bulkhead area where the tank is fitted. The end result is very unobtrusive - yet works very well.

Precautions for drilling - depth stop on the drill, pilot hole and metallic tape to both stop the bit wandering & to protect the paint from the depth stop. After drilling the hole was de-burred & primed.

Prep for drilling is important...                      Location of the washer bottle & finished view with filler access

Above is the location of the rear washer bottle with integrated pump - easily accessed from under the hood via the opening in the cowl cover (stock S4 location & equipment for the intensive washers).


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