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Satellite Navigation System:

For several years I had been looking at navigation systems and had found several I liked - however they were all expensive 2DIN units that would require massive modifications to the console to fit. The ones I really liked used CAN bus for various controls and the 928 just doesn't have CAN - retro-fitting even a stub is a major project... So - I decided to move ahead with a single DIN Blaupunkt RNS149 system  and am actually much happier with it than I ever expected to be.  No real-time map system - but easy to use and a logical layout.

An operating view - particularly at night the amber illumination is rather like the dashboard LCD and organizationally it mimics the clock layout below it. I just wish the body/frame was available in a matt black like my old Blaupunkt unit. I have considered a vinyl overlay on the silver frame and may try installing some...

Here it's displaying 'off road' as it sits in my garage... normally this display is of a rudimentary topographic local representation of upcoming intersections and other information displays. It announces all route directions audibly as well as auto switching back to the navigation display. It has a very good radio receiver, CD changer controller and onboard single CD player (not usable during navigation).  


Navigation works exceedingly well and especially when traveling long distances alone its very helpful to have on board.

Here is an example of the display and the control features...


I'm happy with everything but the front panel color!



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