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10 Speaker System:

My GTS has a fully replaced speaker system utilizing only a/d/s components

In the front door is an a/d/s/ 345is 5.25" matched component set of  drivers with a black a/d/s/ grill for the 5.25" speaker with the original Porsche grille reused for the a/d/s/ tweeter units.

In the rear quarter panels I have a/d/s/ 234is 4" midrange speakers with custom upholstered spacer rings and a/s/d/ 5 1/4" oversize grilles.

Routing out custom sized trim rings from plastic material,  234is speakers & oversized trim rings


234is speakers mounted with upholstered spacer rings & a/d/s/ grilles

In the B-Pillar / side panels I have a/d/s/ 6is matched component set with a 6.5" drivers with black 6.5" a/d/s/ grille mounted onto upholstered GTS spacer rings and the original Porsche grille reused for the a/d/s/ tweeter units. Visually the a/d/s/ grilles look larger although they are mounted to the stock spacers.


A6is Woofer - a tight fit!    Upholstering the stock trim rings to take the a/d/s/ 6.5" grilles


I also have a compact subwoofer installed in the passenger door - this is described on a separate page

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