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Tire Upgrades:

I have used various different tires on my car including the stock OEM Continental Conti-Sports.

The stock sizes are 225/40R17 (front) and 255/40R17 (rear)

I have run Bridgestone Potenza S02's and S03's in stock sizes and liked both very much for grip - although the tire wear was formidable!

I am now using Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's which are rated for better traction, longer life and lower road noise (but more $!) than even the S03's which were good. I currently run larger than stock rears at 275/40R17's. Despite the added width these do not look really any more aggressive or wider than the 255/40R17 S03's - they do grip better though. These fit snugly in the GTS rear wheel wells with no other modifications.

I would not run wider than 275's on the stock 9" rear rims and in any case much wider would require changing the spacers to pull the wheel center line in a bit. Due to commonly available sizes it would also make economic sense to switch to 18" wheels at 9.5" or 10" widths to accomplish this - and I'm not ready for that yet - I like my C2 Turbo Cup (Cup-1) wheels a lot!  

C2 Turbo wheels & Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's 275/40R17's (freshly washed!)


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