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Valentine One Radar Detector Installation:

One of the first projects I implemented on my car was adding a Valentine One radar & laser detector, I have subsequently re-implemented this several times to get the installation "just so".

Here is the final installation: The main V1 unit is mounted in front of and to the right of my Donnelley rear view mirror (it would not fit behind the stock mirror). It is mounted to the windshield glass with a permanent glass mount (reversed and adapted to the V1 visor holster). The V1 is easily removable for security or for use in other vehicles using the suction cup mount and plug in adapter. The mounting location is obscured by window blackout behind the mirror & between the visors - so it's rather difficult to see from outside the car, it also keeps the hot Arizona sun off the unit better.  This location gives great forward and rear radar and laser 'visibility' and allows full unrestricted use of the sun visors - important to me.  From the drivers seat the main V1 unit is completely hidden by the rear view mirror.

Valentine mounted mostly hidden behind non-stock rear view mirror - radar & laser detector in gap between mirror & visor Note also the Valentine remove display unit in a custom mounting. 

Since the V1's display and controls are hidden a remote display is mounted low down on the center dashboard and a remote audio control unit is custom mounted in the handbrake console. The wiring for all these is hidden. the remote display is the valentine unit re-mounted into a new slanted case that matches the 928 interior better.





Valentine remote display close-up
(mounted in a custom shaped enclosure




I also did modify the remote display unit to have alternate LED colors. The stock version has just red LED's everywhere for signal strength and band - this make it hard to detect visually the threat types between X-Band, K-Band, Ka-Band and Laser. The audible alert tones are different but I also wanted clearer visual distinction. My first modification I did myself - It was functional but I was unhappy with the results (LED's not bright enough) So I had someone build me a second version.

Example of the re-colored display

Note the dual Valentine controls (on the left) implemented using stacked 928 knobs. These have the same functions as the stock miniaturized Valentine knobs.

Valentine remote audio unit controls relocated to the handbrake panel

The other addition I made is a direct connection of the Mute control to the 'on-board-computer' cancel stalk (he small stalk on the left of the column) - this works excellently. I could not be happier with the operational details & fit & finish!

Here are some more close ups:

A generic mirror glass mount - half of this is adapted to mate to the Valentine visor mount - for a rock solid detector mounting.






The Valentine visor mount holster adapted to directly attach to the windshield.

A clear view with the rear view mirror detached. Wiring to Valentine & mirror runs through the headliner to the A-Pillar. V1 is still easily removable.



Modifications made to the Valentine Remote Audio Module


It is remounted into a new enclosure and wired to a custom built potentiometer and adapted to dual Porsche 928 Knobs (Rear AC and Fader Knobs).

The connector plugs directly into: switched & fused vehicle power, the cancel stalk switch and the remote audio transducer mounted in the dashboard for more audible alerts.



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