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Drivers Window Express Up - Euro Config:

ROW models (1989 & later) have a feature built in which is disabled on USA cars. This allows the Drivers window to do an express up feature. One ~0.5 second press of the drivers window close button will cause the window to close fully - unless you press any other button or if is blocked and stalls.

Re-enabling this feature is as simple as reconnecting the 2 halves of a 1 pin connector  that are next to the module under the drivers seat - these are taped up (apart) is USA models - unwrapping the tape & plugging them together is all it takes.

All other features remain the same - except that the windows are also always active whenever a door is open (regardless of the ignition position) - a convenience feature for cleaning, and in case you forgot to close them before taking the key out. Presumably these were disabled due to USA safety regulations.

Personally I like both featured and just wish the express applied to the passenger window & sunroof also.

No photos on this one its so simple.


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