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Blinder Xtreme M25 Laser Jammer:

After years of good protection from my Valentine1 its becoming clear that the Phoenix Police have started deploying laser speed guns and speed traps. While the Valentine1 has laser detection - the range is very limited - basically you get warning of a laser hit only when you are being targeted rather than well in advance while others ahead of you are being targeted as with radar.


The only realistic solution that buys real time to avoid tickets is a laser detector/jammer that automatically starts counter-measures as soon as it detects a laser gun signal.

Laser jammers - unlike radar jammers are legal in most states - including Arizona.

The general idea is to buy sufficient time to slow down and then defeat the jammer system so the laser gun operator eventually gets a reading. Leaving the jammer working continually may avoid the police getting any speed reading but probably invites further investigation (read chase!) if it wasn't clear you actually slowed to a legal speed...

The M25 system comes with 2 forward sensors / emitters a control unit and an on/off switch and activation/status LED. Its capable of including rear sensors also - but I don't consider that a huge threat yet

As is typical for me I modified the design a little for a better integration to my car. I had already added an illuminated  latching push button switch on my AC/Central locking plate and decided to use this for the Blinder control & indicator. I added the dual color Blinder LED into the illuminated switch portion and fitted it with a white push button cover. The default is with the switch not depressed the blinder is active - when not alarming the  LED is Green - when alarming the LED flashes Red (there is an audio alert too). With the button pressed in the blinder is off and the Red LED is illuminated.

I consider alert states to be active alert and unprotected modes hence the red in both these cases

I mounted the detector / emitters just below the lip of the top opening of the grille on the extreme edges - near the fog/driving lights.

Except at night when the headlights are up these are the primary front end targets (since Arizona does not require front plates).

The detectors come with adjustable mounts and combining this with aluminum angle sections allowed me to mount to the inner fender valence behind the front bumper - in an almost impossible to see location yet with good coverage.

The wiring snakes back under the fender lip to the control unit mounted high inside the rear part of the front driver's side fender - this area avoids engine heat & chemicals and is dry  enough for this application (near the cruise control actuator). There is a convenient grommet access and its easy enough to feed through the firewall under the wiper motor area.

The system works well - when it alarms you slow down fast - then when you think you are at a suitably legal speed - push the switch to off mode - allowing the laser gun to get a speed reading.


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