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Electrical information & supplies for late model 928s

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Central Electric Panel Supplies:

Central Electric is Porsche's name for the main Fuse & Relay panel in the passenger foot-well.

See the Wiring Diagram Primer and Porsche 928 Electrics for more details.

If you have need of spare parts we stock several of the items you may need for repairs/refurbishment or to add enhancements to the panel (e.g. additional fused connections, additional relays & plug connections.

Parts Available:

Replacement Relays:

Replacement Fuse Packs

Replacement Fuse Blocks (w/ Terminals)

Replacement Relay Sockets

Replacement Plug Sockets

Replacement Plug Sections

Replacement Relay Terminals Large

Replacement Relay Terminals Small

Replacement (female) Plug Terminals

Replacement (male) Socket Pins

Female terminals to attach to rear of Socket Pins

Complete CE Panel Frame (empty)

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