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Electrical information & supplies for late model 928s

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Used Replacement Relays:

    Used Porsche OEM Bosch-style relays

    Used Porsche Intermittent Wiper Relay (all years)

    Used Porsche Headlight Relay (1987+)

    Used Porsche Standard SPST Relay with integrated Fuse Tester

    Ask about other used Relay availability (we usually have various types in stock...)

After-Market Relays:

    Standard 'good quality' aftermarket 'Bosch style' SPST Relays

    Standard 'good quality' aftermarket 'Bosch style' SPDT Relays

    Heavy duty 'good quality' aftermarket 'Bosch style' SPST Relays

New OEM Type Relays:

    Bosch branded original SPST relays 30A

    Bosch branded original SPST relays 40A

    Bosch branded original SPDT relays 30A/20A

    Bosch branded original SPDT relays 40A/20A

    Heavy duty Bosch original SPST relays 50A

    Heavy duty Bosch original SPDT relays 50A/20A

Upgraded Functionality relays:

    VW-Type Digital Intermittent Wiper Relay (direct swap for Factory type)

Relay Loaner Program:

For any used relays we have in stock you can order them with a $5 + Shipping cost return option:

So if you are debugging something and aren't sure if you need a replacement relay - order & pay for the relay you want to try out. If you later need to return it because it didn't fix your problem - ship it back at your expense and we will refund your original payment minus the shipping costs + $5 service charge.

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