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My Story - How Did This Site Begin:

My name is Alan Moore and I am a Porsche 928 Enthusiast and owner of a 1994 928 GTS. I'm a founding member of the Arizona "Desert Gang" of 928 owners who participate individually and collectively in many western USA Porsche events such as Sharktoberfest, Local PCA and group events in Arizona. My car won the People's Choice: Best In Show at Sharktoberfest 2005.

I have made many modifications to my car many of which are used as examples in the document. I am also an electronics engineer and have worked for several major electronics companies over the last 25 years.

I'm fortunate to have the knowledge & equipment to take on some complex electrical projects and expect to continue to add to the projects in the Porsche 928 Electrics Project Section. I'm also a well known participant (as 'Alan') on 'Rennlist' (www.rennlist.com) an online message forum and very active source of expertise, ideas and do-it-yourself know-how for all Porsche models.

In the early summer of 2005 I posted a question on the 928 Forum on Rennlist asking if there was sufficient interest in a "Primer" document on how to read the Porsche factory wiring diagrams. Even though I am familiar with schematics of all types I found these very cryptic at first. I also found I was spending a lot of my time on Rennlist covering the same basic questions on terminology / methods over and over with new owners trying to get to grips with debug.

It seemed there was great interest in this. I initially though this was a simple area where I could give back for all the great help rennlist had given me... how long could it possibly take...?

I started work in July 2005 and spent about 4-5months getting to a mostly completed Wiring Diagram Primer document -similar to what exists now for free download.

However - along the way I realized that whilst a Wiring Diagram Primer was useful - unless you were an engineer you also needed much more information than just that. Questions & reviewer feedback made it clear that understanding basic component operation and basic electrical theory, debug techniques, visual clues, project techniques & examples and descriptions of how major systems operate were all also requirements too...

This dramatically increased the scope of the document which extended on and off (as work allowed) through the end of 2005 and through all of 2006 - and it is still a work in progress to this day.

The amount of time and effort was clearly going to be very significant and in early 2006 when I realized what was ahead of me I consciously decided I could only justify continuing it as ultimately a commercial activity.

I was anyway interested in electronic publishing so started investigating document conversion, protection,  web publishing and ecommerce in general. The net result is what you see here - or at least the beginnings are here now.

  •  The Wiring Diagram Primer is still available for free to owners as originally envisaged
  •  The full Porsche 928 Electrics document is available at a reasonable charge
  •  I expect to also offer some related electrical hardware available on the site:
     Examples are:

        928 Specific Fuse Kits (with the hard to find sizes)
        Relays/sockets suitable for projects/ replacements
        Terminals Suitable for use in CE upgrades
        Spare Parts for 928 Connectors / CE panels etc
        Wiring & Shrink Wrap Supplies
        Replacement Bulbs & LED Bulbs for 928 applications
        Eventually some kits for the more popular '928-Electrics' projects


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